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Organics you can trust!

Here are a few of my favorite Miessence products.  We’ll include Miessence reviews if we have them.

Miessence Desert Flower Shampoo – I like this shampoo for daily use.  It is mild and cleansing and I only need to use a small amount so it really goes a long way. Many days after shampooing I do not use a conditioner and do not have the dry fly a-ways I used to get with SLS shampoos. It does take more patients to comb out but I really like the feel of nothing but clean hair.

“The Miessence Desert Flower shampoo works great. It smells nice, it cleans well and it’s gentle. Thank you for carrying Miessence and all the other natural products!” M. L., Wellsville, KS

Miessence Lemon Myrtle Shampoo – I like this shampoo when I feel like my hair needs a good deep cleansing. This takes just a very small amount to lather up very well! People with oily hair like to use this daily.

Miessence Lemon Myrtle Shampoo Reviews:

"I just love the Miessence Lemon Myrtle shampoo! At first it seemed a bit pricey but I found that I only need a little to get lots of lather. It has lasted a long time making it well worth the money! Also, I’ve always had problems with fly-away hair but I do not need to use a conditioner everyday as I did before. OK, on my way to place another order!"  S.D. Springfield, MO

Miessence Shine Herbal Hair Conditioner – Using the Desert Flower shampoo I find that I do not need a hair conditioner after every shampoo but when I’m in the mood for a conditioner or days when I feel like my hair would benefit from it.  Again, I use only a small amount to condition and really like that it does not weigh down my hair and adds shine and of course is easy to comb out after shampooing. I’ve read in places that some people so not like the scent of this conditioner but personally I love it. I guess the scent is a matter of personal preference.

Miessence Shape Hair Styling Gel  - I am not a big styling gel user but I really like this styling gel. I use it to scrunch my hair some days when I don’t feel like doing much to it  and I use it before rolling my hair up in Velcro rollers and it works as a good setting gel.

Miessence Luxurious Body Powder - There are times when I’m really thankful for a body powder particularly when the mercury rises to triple digits. I’m also thankful it is talc free and has 90 percent organic ingredients.

Miessence Deodorant – The Miessence Ancient Spice deodorant is actually my favorite because I think it works a tad better than the other 2 deodorants. The scent is very light and is undetectable after a few minutes anyway. At least I think so. I realize that everyone is different but I think this is the best natural deodorant out there. The 2 other scents are Tahitian Breeze and Aroma Free. Those work fine too. I just think the Ancient Spice work a little better. Oh, and in case the ball becomes stuck, just run it underwater until it loosens.

Miessence Deodorant Reviews:
...I have used Miessence deodorant for a few years and have purchased it from different suppliers and I must say that your service has been the best and much appreciated--Keep up your great work and customer service. Warm Regards” R.F., Washington, MI

“Thank you Soap For Goodness Sake for saving my sanity! 2006 my surgery for breast cancer involved removing lymph nodes from left arm pit. Surgery went well I am cancer free. I went from never having no under arm odor to one stinky arm pit. Oddly the left arm with surgery grows no hair has no odor; the right appears to have taken over the load of expelling toxins. Even after showering the odor was there. I used powders, baking soda, corn starch, apple cider vinegar and every deodorant on the market. My doctors had no answers I am sure they thought me crazy. I contacted Kathy with my problem she suggested I try Miessence deodorant. Much to my amazement the deodorant works!!!!!! You have no idea how it feels to be odor free!!!!!! No more changing clothes and showering several times a day!! I was so self-conscience going out in public, now I am free!!!! After breast cancer I found Soap For Goodness Sake products, I firmly believe the chemicals we use on our bodies contribute to cancers.” A.K., Dracut, MA

Miessence Freshening Mouth Wash – A mouthwash concentrate that you dilute to your liking.

Miessence Mouthwash Reviews:
"I wanted to tell you that I really like the Miessence Freshening Mouthwash. The mint flavor really refreshes and it seems to last forever."  J.W., Spokane, WA

Miessence Firming Eye and Neck Serum - Certified Organic
”This serum (Miessence Firming Eye and Neck Serum) is truly amazing and I have finally found something that does exactly what it says it will do. I do not have any lines left on the little spot I used it on my neck and have noticed that the line between my eye brows has disappeared. I highly recommend this product and plan on using it FOREVER! Thank You, Soap for Goodness Sake, for carrying this line and I can’t wait to see what else will start disappearing! A VERY satisfied customer,” Cyndi Jones, Dallas, TX

Miessence Organic Skin Care for the ultimate in your organic skin care needs.

Miessence Shine Herbal Hair Conditioner, conditioning and hydrating organic hair conditioner.

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